ZEK – Electric torque wrench angled version

ZEK – Electric torque wrench angled version
  • Easy rotated drive 360° vertically and horizontally
  • 200 different torque settings
  • 2-speed transmission
  • Quick and accurate
  • Range from 100 to 12 000 Nm
  • Included: electric torque wrench, reaction arm, metal carry case, certificate of calibration and torque table

Product description

Electric torque wrenches ( nutrunners ) have an electronics that switch off the tool when the torque is reached. Accuracy of ± 3.5%. They are fast, precise, safe and quiet. Power 220/240V (110V available on request). Direction switch (screw / unscrew).The rotable two-way drive (360°) makes the job extremely comfortable (convenient positioning).
Tools manufactured in Poland by BEWO-TECH company.

Technical parameters

TypeRangeDriveDiameter DHeight HLenght LReaction weightWeightSpeed
Electric torque wrench ZEK-850100-8503/4″752344212,08,024
Electric torque wrench ZEK-1200150-12001″872344273,29,516
Electric torque wrench ZEK-2500360-25001″872644273,210,09
Electric torque wrench ZEK-3000360-30001″872644273,210,07,5
Electric torque wrench ZEK-3500400-350011/2″872744274,711,56,5
Electric torque wrencha ZEK-5000750-500011/2″992844344,712,55
Electric torque wrench ZEK-6000800-600011/2″992844344,713,54,5
Electric torque wrench ZEK-100001700-1000011/2″1223304455,719,02,5
Electric torque wrench ZEK-120002000-1200011/2″1223304455,720,02
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