PCS – Pump and cylinder set

PCS – Pump and cylinder set
  • Working pressure 700 Bar
  • Capacities from 4.5 to 109 tonnes
  • Stroke lengths from 10 to 153mm

Product description

Hi-Force PCS pump and cylinder sets provide the simplest and most cost effective way to start your job immediately. All sets comprise of a Hi-Force hydraulic cylinder (wide choice available), suitable Hi-Force manual pump and a two metre hose with high flow, quick release coupler.

Technical parameters

Hose Weight
Model number
Cylinder capacity
Model number
Model number
Closed height
Model number
Set PCS504.5HP1101.0HPS511642HC22.07.4
Set PCS534.5HP1101.0HSS5375157HC22.08.0
Set PCS10010HP1101.0HPS1001046HC22.08.2
Set PCS10110HP1101.0HLS1014095HC22.09.0
Set PCS10210HP1101.0HSS10256131HC22.09.0
Set PCS10610HP1101.0HSS106150225HC22.010.8
Set PCS20020HP1101.0HPS2001152HC22.09.4
Set PCS20120HP1101.0HLS20144102HC22.011.3
Set PCS25625HP1101.0HSS256150273HC22.016.0
Set PCS30032HP1101.0HPS3001259HC22.010.8
Set PCS30232HP1101.0HLS30260119HC22.013.6
Set PCS50250HP1101.0HLS50260126HC22.017.0
Set PCS50650HP2322.0HSS506152251HC22.031.0
Set PCS1002109HP2322.0HLS100260143HC22.035.5
Set PCS1006109HP2525.0HSS1006153274HC22.066.0
Set PCS202H23HP1101.0HHS20250160HC22.013.9
Set PCS302H33HP1101.0HHS30250165HC22.017.2
Set PCS603H61HP2322.0HHS60376226HC22.034.6
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