Universal joint

Universal joint
  • They allow for comfortable work in tight places.
  • Compliant with the following standards: ISO 1174-2, 2725-2, DIN 3129, DIN3121, BS 7794, ASME B107.2

Product description

Momento`s impact sockets and accessories conform to the international standards ISO 1174-2, 1703, 1711-2, 2725-2 and 2725-3.
Momento are ISO 9001 quality certified and ISO 14001 certified for their environmental management system. All sockets and accessories are made
in Sweden (Flen) by Momento. Special alloy Swedish spring steel. External corners shall be broken with no sharp edges. A through hole shall be provided.
Groove for retaining ring.

Technical parameters

Input squareOutput squarePart no.ModelDdLWeight
1 1/21 1/2UK55B84841663,75
2 1/22 1/2UK66B13714128018,00
Brak rysunku technicznego