HMJ – Steel machine lift jack

HMJ – Steel machine lift jack
  • Capacities of 10 and 25 tonnes
  • Working pressure 700 Bar
  • Minimum toe height as low as 21mm

Product description

The HMJ range of hydraulic machine lifting jacks are designed specifically for lifting heavy equipment and machinery where a minimum low height lifting access point is available. The low height lifting toe is precision guided throughout its lifting stroke to reduce friction and prevent the hydraulic cylinder from potential side loading. Both models are 700 Bar maximum working pressure and incorporate a 150mm hydraulic lift with a lifting toe, which can be preset at three different initial lifting positions, for even greater flexibility.

Technical parameters

Model number
Capacity Stroke
Jack HMJ108.51015029.22579133272422283202122187
Jack HMJ25202515055.135117199330480349292152211
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