HFG – Single acting failsafe lock ring cylinder

HFG – Single acting failsafe lock ring cylinder
  • Capacities from 50 to 520 tonnes
  • Stroke lengths from 50 to 152 mm
  • Working pressure 700 Bar
  • Single acting load return design
  • Nitrocarburised cylinder and piston rod for corrosion protection
  • Low friction bearing surfaces
  • Anti-extrusion seals
  • Tilting saddle fitted as standard
  • Overstroke restrictor port

Product description

The HFG single acting failsafe lock ring cylinder range combines all the versatility and efficiency of hydraulic power with the safety of mechanical load support. Ideally suited for applications requiring sustained load holding for extended periods, such as bridge support work, the HFG range features a single acting, load return piston, threaded throughout its stroke length to suit the threaded mechanical load holding lock ring. Simply jack up the load, wind down the mechanical lock ring until it comes into contact with the cylinder body, release the hydraulic pressure and sustain the load mechanically. All models are suitable for vertical lifting only and are supplied with tilting saddles as standard to reduce the risk of side loading the cylinder.

Technical parameters

Model numberCapacityStrokeOil capacityCyl. eff. areaWeightDimensions [mm]
Cylinder HFG50250510.3671.316.2173127957025.0
Cylinder HFG504501020.7371.320.6224127957025.0
Cylinder HFG506501501.0771.325.0272127957025.0
Cylinder HFG1002109510.76153.435.018918514011527.5
Cylinder HFG10041091001.53153.450.324018514011527.5
Cylinder HFG10061091502.30153.465.431118514011527.5
Cylinder HFG1502152511.07214.378.023721616513542.0
Cylinder HFG15041521002.14214.384.028821616513542.0
Cylinder HFG15061521503.21214.389.533821616513542.0
Cylinder HFG2002203501.42285.195.426125419013550.0
Cylinder HFG20062031524.33285.1137.036225419013550.0
Cylinder HFG25062561525.50366.5171.040127321615050.0
Cylinder HFG30063261506.87457.7228.541731024115050.0
Cylinder HFG40063981518.44559.0308.545936026718070.0
Cylinder HFG500652015211.10729.9457.049840030518080.0
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