HEP3 – Electric driven pump – general duty high flow

HEP3 – Electric driven pump – general duty high flow
  • Low pressure flow rate 10 ltr/min. up to 70 Bar
  • High pressure flow rate 1 ltr/min. up to 700 Bar
  • Working pressure 700 Bar
  • Two stage hydraulic pump unit
  • Rugged pump for continuous operation
  • Externally adjustable pressure relief valve
  • Manual or solenoid valve

Product description

The HEP3 series two stage electric driven hydraulic pump range has all the features of the HEP2 series, but with an increased flow of 10 litres/min at low pressure and 1 litre/min at high pressure (up to 700 Bar) these pumps are particularly useful when operating high tonnage or long stroke cylinders. Both HEP2 and HEP3 range of electric pumps are fitted with totally enclosed, fan cooled, low noise, electric motors, making them ideal for quiet in-works operation or outdoor site use in most environments.

Technical parameters


Model number
Valve typer
Oil capacity
Motor voltage
Electric pump HEP310121P-T Plate252.2115V63.5545277306633
Electric pump HEP310122P-T Plate252.2240V63.5545277306633
Electric pump HEP310124P-T Plate252.2440V63.5545277306633
Electric pump HEP310141P-T Plate402.2115V88.5654386306633
Electric pump HEP310142P-T Plate402.2240V88.5654386306633
Electric pump HEP310144P-T Plate402.2440V88.5654386306633
Electric pump HEP3102212- way252.2115V64.0545277306633
Electric pump HEP3102222- way252.2240V64.0545277306633
Electric pump HEP3102242- way252.2440V64.0545277306633
Electric pump HEP3102412- way402.2115V89.0654386306633
Electric pump HEP3102422- way402.2240V89.0654386306633
Electric pump HEP3102442- way402.2440V89.0654386306633
Electric pump HEP3103213- way252.2115V64.0545277306633
Electric pump HEP3103223- way252.2240V64.0545277306633
Electric pump HEP3103243- way252.2440V64.0545277306633
Electric pump HEP3103413- way402.2115V89.0654386306633
Electric pump HEP3103423- way402.2240V89.0654386306633
Electric pump HEP3103443- way402.2440V89.0654386306633
Electric pump HEP3104214- way252.2115V64.0545277306633
Electric pump HEP3104224- way252.2240V64.0545277306633
Electric pump HEP3104244- way252.2440V64.0545277306633
Electric pump HEP3104414- way402.2115V89.0654386306633
Electric pumpHEP3104424- way402.2240V89.0654386306633
Electric pump HEP3104444- way402.2440V89.0654386306633
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