HAP – Air driven pump – general duty high flow

HAP – Air driven pump – general duty high flow
  • Low pressure flow rate 10 litres/min up to 70 Bar
  • High pressure flow rate 1.3 litres/min up to 700 Bar
  • Working pressure 700 Bar
  • Two stage hydraulic pump unit
  • Powerful air motor
  • Externally adjustable pressure relief valve
  • Choice of control valves

Product description

The HAP two stage air powered hydraulic pump range offers a low pressure flow of 10 litres/min with automatic changeover to 700 Bar high pressure flow rate of 1.3 litres/min. Driven by a powerful 3 kW rotary air motor with a maximum air consumption of 2.4m3 per minute at 7 Bar inlet air pressure, the HAP range offers a choice of pump mounted or remote control valves (page 59) and oil reservoirs all fitted with filler and drain plugs.

Technical parameters

Model number
Valve type
Oil capacity
Air driven pump HAP21011P-T Plate103.041.5393198243438
Air driven pump HAP21012P-T Plate253.057.5422227306570
Air driven pump HAP21014P-T Plate403.071.5531336306560
Air driven pump HAP21016P-T Plate603.096.5552357406583
Air driven pump HAP210212- way103.042.0393198246438
Air driven pumpa HAP210222- way253.058.0422227306570
Air driven pump HAP210242- way403.072.0531336306560
Air driven pump HAP210262- way603.097.0552357406583
Air driven pump HAP210313- way103.042.0393198246438
Air driven pump HAP210323- way253.058.0422227306570
Air driven pump HAP210343- way403.072.0531336306560
Air driven pump HAP210363- way603.097.0552357406583
Air driven pump HAP210414- way103.042.0393198246438
Air driven pump HAP210424- way253.058.0422227306570
Air driven pump HAP210444- way403.072.0531336306560
Air driven pump HAP210464- way603.097.0552357406583
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