HPF – Workshop press

HPF – Workshop press
  • Capacities from 10 to 200 tonnes
  • Stroke lengths from 250 to 330mm
  • Working pressure 700 Bar
  • Choice of manual, air or electric powered pumps
  • Supplied complete with pressure gauge
  • Other configurations available on request

Product description

The HPF range of workshop presses offers a choice of 25 models with either single acting or double acting cylinders and manually operated, air powered or electric powered pumps. Floor presses incorporate an adjustable work table and dual scale pressure gauge. Factory mounted optional accessories include a mechanical bed winch for easy adjustment of the work table, rolling head kit and multi-position V-blocks. All presses are supplied completely assembled, ready for use. Hi-Force workshop presses are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and are suitable for the most demanding jobs.

Technical parameters

Model number
Cylinder model no.
Cylinder principle
Pump model no.
Pump operation
Press HPF102010250HSS1010single actingHP110hand operated95
Press HPF103010250HSS1010single actingAHP1120air powered85
Press HPF252025250HSS2510single actingHP227hand operated145
Press HPF253025250HSS2510single actingAHP1120air powered138
Press HPF254125250HSS2510single actingHEP103341electric driven 110V160
Press HPF254225250HSS2510single actingHEP103342electric driven 240V160
Press HPF254425250HSS2510single actingHEP207314electric driven 415V160
Press HPF5020S50330HSS5013single actingHP257hand operated470
Press HPF5020D50330HDA5013double actingHP252Dhand operated500
Press HPF5030S50330HSS5013single actingAHP1121air powered505
Press HPF5030D50330HDA5013double actingAHP1141air powered505
Press HPF5041S50330HSS5013single actingHEP207311electric driven 110V505
Press HPF5041D50330HDA5013double actingHEP207411electric driven 110V481
Press HPF5042S50330HSS5013single actingHEP207312electric driven 240V512
Press HPF5042D50330HDA5013double actingHEP207412electric driven 240V518
Press HPF5044S50330HSS5013single actingHEP207314eelectric driven 415V518
Press HPF5044D50330HDA5013double actingHEP207414electric driven 415V518
Press HPF10020100330HDA10013double actingHP245Dhand operated1011
Press HPF10030100330HDA10013double actingHAP21042air powered1029
Press HPF10041100330HDA10013double actingHEP207421electric driven 110V1043
Press HPF10042100330HDA10013double actingHEP207422electric driven 240V1043
Press HPF10044100330HDA10013double actingHEP207424electric driven 415V1043
Press HPF20041200305HDA20012double actingHEP310421electric driven 110V3250
Press HPF20042200305HDA20012double actingHEP310422electric driven 240V3250
Press HPF20044200305HDA20012double actingHEP310424electric driven 415V3250


Model number
ABCD min.D max.E min.E max.FGHJ


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