PKS – Hydraulic 2 & 3 way puller kit

PKS – Hydraulic 2 & 3 way puller kit
  • Capacities from 4.5 to 50 tonnes
  • Quick set-up time, easy to use
  • High quality, drop forged steel components
  • Working pressure 700 Bar
  • Multi-purpose hollow piston cylinder (excl. PKS5-2-3)
  • Complete with all hydraulic components (pump, cylinder, hose, gauge, etc.)
  • Supplied complete with storage and transport box

Product description

The PKS heavy duty hydraulic puller range is designed for removing stubborn parts such as wheels, gears, sprockets, sleeves, pulleys and other similar items. The range offers a selection of 8 models with pulling capacities up to 50 tonnes. All models are supplied complete with a full set of versatile detachable hydraulic components. All models are safe and easy to operate and avoid the need for heating and hammering.

Technical parameters

Model numberCapacity
Type of puller
Cylinder model no.
model no.

Puller PKS5-2-34.52 & 3 jawHSS53HP11024225240
Puller PKS10-2-3102 & 3 jawHHS102HP11034296350
Puller PKS20-2202 jawHHS202HP11029320480
Puller PKS20-3203 jawHHS202HP11037320480
Puller PKS30-2302 jawHHS302HP11049407580
Puller PKS30-3303 jawHHS302HP11058407580
Puller PKS50-2502 jawHHS603HP227105727920
Puller PKS50-3503 jawHHS603HP227130727920
Puller PK202202 jaw beam**3**
Puller PK302302 jaw beam**4**
Puller PK502502 jaw beam**7**


Note: PK202, PK302 & PK502 are 2-jaw beam only (not complete kit). Dimensions calculated with 15° outward angled puller legs.

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