HEP5 – Electric driven pump – heavy duty high flow

HEP5 – Electric driven pump – heavy duty high flow
  • Low pressure flow rate 17 ltr/min up to 70 Bar
  • High pressure flow rate 2 ltr/min up to 700 Bar
  • Working pressure 700 Bar
  • Two stage hydraulic pump unit
  • Robust, durable and efficient
  • Externally adjustable pressure relief valve
  • Manual or solenoid valve

Product description

The HEP5 series two stage electric driven hydraulic pump range offers the highest flow rate combination in the Hi-Force range. Offering a low pressure flow rate of 17 litres/min with automatic changeover to a superb high pressure flow rate of 2 litres/min. The HEP5 offers all the features of the HEP2 and HEP3 series with the addition of a 2.2 kW high speed, heavy duty motor, making it the ideal pump unit for all heavy duty applications, requiring a high flow and intensive usage over longer time periods.

Technical parameters

Model number
Valve typer
Oil capacity
Motor voltage
Electric pump HEP517142P-T Plate402.2240V88.5693386306633
Electric pump HEP517144P-T Plate402.2440V88.5693386306633
Electric pump HEP517162P-T Plate602.2240V120.0713407406656
Electric pump HEP517164P-T Plate602.2440V120.0713407406656
Electric pump HEP5172422- way402.2240V89.0693386306633
Electric pump HEP5172442- way402.2440V89.0693386306633
Electric pump HEP5172622- way602.2240V120.0713407406656
Electric pump HEP5172642- way602.2440V120.0713407406656
Electric pumpHEP5173423- way402.2240V89.0693386306633
Electric pump HEP5173443- way402.2440V89.0693386306633
Electric pump HEP5173623- way602.2240V120.0713407406656
Electric pump HEP5173643- way602.2440V120.0713407406656
Electric pump HEP5174424- way402.2240V89.0693386306633
Electric pump HEP5174444- way402.2440V89.0693386306633
Electric pump HEP5174624- way602.2240V120.0713407406656
Electric pump HEP5174644- way602.2440V120.0713407406656
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